Visit Pallas National Park

Visit Pallas National Park

Duration: 5 hours / Difficulty: Easy

We will meet you in front of the meeting point of your choice at 11AM.

We will head out towards Pallas National Park and it’s amazing nature. As we reach the parking we will take our backpacks and start walking towards one of the fells. As we reach the top we are able to take pictures of a breathtaking landscape filled with the fells of National Park.

We will rest for a moment and enjoy the silence, the fresh air and the smell of pure nature before heading onwards and towards the outside hut in the middle of the park. There we will continue with lappish traditions by preparing some sausages on an open fire. After a moment together, eating and drinking, and sharing the wonderful experience we resume our trip by heading back to Levi and your hotel at about 4PM.

Want to see Lappish nature at its best and visit Pallas National park? This one is for you!

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